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L’assurance pour prêt immobilier : est-elle obligatoire ?

 L’assurance pour prêt immobilier : est-elle obligatoire ?

French law does not require French borrowers take out an insurance policy for the real estate loan they will contract with a financial institution. On the contrary, it opens a door out to other offers so you are not forced to subscribe to the bank's offer. So in terms of compliance with a law, you are saved.

- A required by the bank insurance policy

However, the banking sector obliges. So why does he do it? There is one thing you should know is that one of the main activities of the bank is extending credit to individuals and businesses. For each of them, it is essential that they have strong guarantees to the bank. Therefore, the bank requires a number of precautions to secure a loan. This insurance depends on the fate of your credit, then know to look good by taking good guarantees for your risk.

The bank does not need you subscribe to all the guarantees that are offered in an insurance contract, only those that are essential. For this, you need to assess your level of risk and then make an estimate. This is a very practical approach and she will give you a better idea of future contract payment terms and the guarantees are still applicable. With the help of a professional, you will get the perfect offer for this loan contract. Ie: expensive and not great for your needs in terms of risk . Then you know what you have to do!

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